2006 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Casino Rama, 28 October

2006 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Casino Rama, 28 October


Saturday night October 28, 2006 Casino Rama Concert Reviews:

Your Oct 28th show at Casino Rama gave me shivers and brought tears to my eyes. It was a totally emotional show as I grew up with you and Supertramp. Just an awesome job.

Thank you,
Roger Bibby


Subject: The Greatest Artist (Casino Rama concert)

Dear Roger,

I just saw your show at the Casino Rama entertainment centre (Saturday, October 28/06). You made me relive so many fond memories of my teens years by listening to your songs. You exceeded my expectations. You are truly a legend and I must say I was profoundly touched by your humility and gentle personality. The orchestra and choir ensemble was magical, thank you, merci, for such a memorable evening. Your music will forever be eternal.

God Bless!
Anna-Marie Tiveron


Hi Roger!

Thanks for a wonderful performance at Casino Rama! Your concert was one of the best we have ever been to! Thank you so much for a great evening out! We all grew up listening to your music (High school years.... we all have "Breakfast in America") and it's phantastic to see that you still enjoy performing as much as you do! Your heart is really in it! Please do come back!

How did you like the snow - on October 28th, no less - by the way???

Thanks again, hello from the great white north.... Sabina, Kevin, Janine and Rob


Last night, I was in Casino Rama, Where Roger was in concert.. I have had the tickets now for 2 month.. and wow..what a performance..? huge 'Tramp fan..!!
but with the end of the band as we know it, became a huge fan of Roger's.. he is and was the voice of 'Tramp. and like he said last nite on stage.. Canada has a huge love affair with first Supertramp and now Roger as he he has emerged as a singles artist.. last night was very special, and i wanted to say thanks for doing what you do..
(I am a 64 year young, old rocker and I brought my son to the concert last nite, he also a huge fan of both the band and the man.. we rocked together and it was very cool.)

again thanks so much Stu...
Stu Atkins


Hi Roger. Long time fan. was at Rama for your return engagement Fri Oct 27 Thanks for the professional presentation and also the use of the Toronto Symphoney and the great choir .One thing was evident is that you enjoyed the show as mush as I did. Please make Rama a yearly visit '''''''''''''
Once again Thanks for helping me relive my miss spent youth PS Purchased the Montreal DVD I really like the intimascey of that show Thanks for keeping the music alive
Larry Carroll


Hi Roger,
I attended your show last night at Casino Rama and it was absolutley!! amazing.
Your use of an orcheastra and choir demonstrates your passion to performing and making wonderful music. I watched your last performance at MapleLeaf Gardens in Toronto with Supertramp and was hooked then, and without taking anything away from your other Supertramp band members, but the last 2 years I have attended all your shows at Casino Rama and Kitchener Auditorium and your songs sound even better now , then when you toured with SuperTramp . I cannot wait till next show.
I find your music spirtual and uplifting and hope you continue to connect with others for a long time with your music and life experince . It will inspire future musicians and make the world a happier place. The DVD like your concert is well worth the price and would recommend it to any music fans library.
Thanks Nick Minichillo




Roger-- You were amazing , such a talent!! thank you for coming to Ontario Canada.
Mr.&Mrs. Richardson


Dear Roger
Thank you for the great night in Orillia (Casino Rama ) on Oct 28 !!
Your performance (with the text of your songs!!) was fantastic.
We attend the concerts at Rama on the regular basis for many years but that was far the biggest success what we saw there.
Yours truly and CONGRATULATION


Hi Roger! What an amazing concert!!! I have never seen you in concert before but have loved the Supertramp music for a long time. Recently I have been playing a Supertramp C.D. for an autistic child that I work with. This child loves your music and it is great to see him respond. I am a music therapist and your music and the concert experience have been very therapeutic for me. I love the way you are 'one' with the music and and the music and your performance is truly a spiritual experience. The combination with the orchestra was fantastic as well as the choir. I am looking forward to exploring your solo music and hope that you come back to Ontario soon. I would like to bring my children to a concert but unfortunately can't do that at the Casino. Finally, I hope you will be releasing a C.D. of this concert because the sound was phenomenal. Please release one with you and the orchestra. Fool's Overture was truly an awesome experience. Thanks!!
Heather Von Zuben

Friday night October 27, 2006 Casino Rama Concert Reviews:

My husband & I attended your concert last night in Orillia. It was fantastic!! We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We were celebrating our 19 wedding anniversary & were thrilled that you played "Two of Us" in your encore (even if it was sung for another couple).

We last saw you at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto in 1983 (when we were first dating). I can assure you we plan on attending any future concerts you plan in the Toronto area. Your voice was just as good last night as it was 23 years ago! Bravo.
Lynda Dus

This performance was jaw dropping. It was like turning the clock back 25 years. Roger's voice was as it was in Supertramp's heyday. The arrangements were superb, as was the orchestra and choir. On more than one occasion, the hair literally stood up on my arms and neck, especially during "school". If you are a fan of Supertramp, do not miss this tour.
Joe Turcotte

I would just like to say that the concert was an amazing piece of nostalgia for all Supertramp fans. One could close their eyes and it was as if one was back in the 70's listening to a Supertramp concert only better.

Roger's voice is as great today as it was 20 years ago. The addition of the orchestra and choir only added to the amazing evening.

After always being a Supertramp fan I am now a true Roger Hodgson fan.

Roger if you read this please come back so I can introduce your music to the next generation who next year will be old enough to attend the Casino.

Take great care, JB (Jay Bentley)


Well, after having front & centre in '04 and '05 - I was in the upper deck. Roger - You are simply amazing. You have an uncanny ability to make us feel as 'one', in the audience. I wasn't expecting the same feeling from high above - but it was superb. And let's not forget 'School' !!!!! Good job, very good job. Hopefully when you get that polished up, you can surprise those of us screaming 'Had a Dream' next year. Until then, 'Let it Be' - fantastic show, thank you.
Gary Sheridan

Just wanted to thank Roger and his crew of musicians for such a great show. It was the best concert I have ever been to and my husband says the same. Thank you coming back after so long and putting on such a high quality, energetic and uplifting experience. You make the world a better place not just with your music but with your dialogue and communications with your audience. You inspire us to return to music and use it as a tool to enhance and enjoy and reflect on our lives.

You're wonderful.
Janet Bradford
ps. can I tell my brother in Melbourne that you'll be on your way there?


Thank you Roger for an amazing show last night at Rama! My wife Ann and I had a great time and have loved your music for a long time. In 1980 I practically wore out the Paris album. You, along with Rush, helped convert me from being a classical pianist to a present-day rock-keyboardist. The only song I would have also liked to hear was, "Child of Vision". Your orchestra were amazing, and your band were phenomenal. I was carefully watching your drummer and sax player, and was VERY impressed with their professionalism and dedication to hitting the marks. I also was amazed with your voice and how you can still hit those high notes! What's your secret!? :) Personally, I'd even like to be able to hold a single vocal note... We purchased your DVD and this will be a great memory of my wife's birthday yesterday. Continued blessings for the rest of your tour and career! Why stop when you looked like you were having as much fun on stage as we all were in the audience! :)

Ann & Dave
Keswick, Ontario, Canada


Hi Roger...just caught your show at Casino Rama in Orillia Last night and you were fantastic!!! What a treat to see you with a full orchestra too!!! I saw you with Supertramp on your "Farewell Tour" in 1982 in Ottawa...I loved your voice then and I l still love it now, and I'm glad to hear (and happy to be able to tell you!!!) that you still have it!!! I'm from North Bay, Ontario, and we have a theatre here called The Capitol Centre (it holds 1000 people...very intimate and a great sound), and it would be great to see you there...the e-mail address is www.capitolcentre.ca. Hope to see you there...take care & have a great tour!!!
Lisa Bolwerk


Wow! I had been to Maple Leaf Gardens in 1977 for their tour of in support of E.I.T.Q.M's; but this show was something special. Roger had the orchestra and Elora Festival singers in support and the effect was incredible. Rama has a great sound and still manages an intimate setting for the size of the venue.

The choice of songs was great and Rogers voice still sounds like he is in his prime. His rapport with the audience was very genuine. He really seemed to be having a great time and did not want to leave the stage. Hearing him play Let It Be for an encore was quite cool also.

I think with this tour he has reached another pinnacle in his amazing career. The guitar and piano work he did on stage were perfect; but not exactly like on the albums. He injected enough of his personality to make them seem fresh and alive. The arrangements really made the show something to remember.

It was great seeing Supertramp in their prime; but Roger still has it!
Mike Dickie


Hi Roger..

It's the day after your first concert date here in 2006 at Casinorama. I do not have words to express how awesome it was to see you again! I saw you solo at the Government in Toronto but this concert was totally amazing. You've always been a special part of my music collection and i still have a handwritten note that you wrote to me years ago in the Supertramp days. I agree with alot of the comments that Supertramp was one of the greatest bands of all times but YOU were the biggest part of the success of that band..and YOU STILL GOT IT! All the best to you and many years of continued success!
Ricky Dee, Orillia

Hello Roger & staff

Just wanted to let you know that last nights show at Casino Rama was the among the best performances I have ever seen! It's been 20 some odd years since I last saw you and the boys {Supertramp} at CNE Stadium in Toronto and in no way was I expecting what transpired at Rama last night !
The addition of the 30 some odd piece Orchestra and the Chior was overwhelming to the eyes and ears ! You just simply have to make that performance available on DVD!!!!!!!!!!! From what I saw on the TV screens during the show, the camera work was great and would be a tremendous loss not to have that amazing performance by you and your supporters available for your fans...Montreal was great, but not on the same page as Rama!!
Continued success with your Canadian tour..and with regards to you being appreciative of your Canadian fans, you'll always have a place to crash when your at Casino Rama!
If the powers that be will allow it , I will see you again next year ! And let us know if the DVD becomes a reality.
Steve Powell
Beaverton Ontario

Mr. Hodgson
My wife and I saw your concert Friday night Oct. 27, and we totally enjoyed your show. You put on a fantastic performance. The only other time we saw you perform was with Ringo Starr and his All Star Band. After seeing you there, we knew we had to see you again. You did not disappoint. You have made two fans very happy. Thank you and we hope to see you again.
Dana Leisk

Mr Hodgson At 52 years of age this is the first time ever I have left a note on someone's website. Thank You for a brilliant concert. I have in the past seen Supertramp once, Yourself solo once, and now with the orchestra. This last show was the best yet, outstanding!!!! Especially rewarding was the fact you were using brilliant Ontario talent in the show.

Orillia was indeed honoured to experience the full "Orchestral Hodgson" Dont forget their phone numbers when you come back,so you can bring them along also!!!
Encore Neil Reid Orillia Ontario

My wife and I had the pleasure of watching Roger's Canadian tour debut show at Casino Rama on Friday, October 27th. The show, with Roger's touring band backed by an orchestra and choir, was simply majestic; despite his advancing age he still looked great and had complete control of both his instruments and his tremendous vocal range.

The set list closely followed that of the DVD, with a few twists. Roger's Canadian Idol protégé joined him for several songs, and appeared supremely star-struck by the entire experience. As part of the encore, Roger performed a splendid rendition of "Let It Be".

The orchestral arrangements on "School" and "Fool's Overture" were stunning, as was Roger's solo playing. He effortlessly glided between piano, synthesizer and guitar as the show progressed. "Dreamer" proved that his golden voice is still as sweet as it was decades ago.

The bad weather did make for us taking the long way home, but the show was worth the five hours we spent traveling to and from the venue. I cannot more strongly recommend that all fans of Roger's work make the effort to see this gifted performer live.
Adam L


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