2006 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Mainz 14th August

2006 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Mainz 14th August



Mainz radio-show, Germany

Yesterday evening I had the big chance to be at Rogers Concert in Mainz.
It was the rescheduled date of the Radio Show he had to cancel last November.
And what shall I say: I am still a little bit blown away:

I have never seen Roger before in such an intimate venue.
We were just around 130 people in a small room, which was a little bit like in a church:
A vault ceiling, a lot of candles on the stage, people sitting at the right and the left and in the middle an aisle and the audience has been pretty quiet during the songs but enthusiastic after each song. It seems that this concert was much more then they expected.

The sound was not very loud (my first pop-concert in 20 years where I was in 3rd row and I did not got deaf).
I was interesting to hear Roger singing and playing the guitar not through the speakers but directly in real and hearing him stamping with his feet. The loudest instrument was Aarons Saxophone, so it was a special “sound-feeling”.
I am looking forward how it will sound in the radio.

The complete concert was recorded by the radiostation SWR1 (Rheinland-Pfalz) and will be broadcasted

Part 1: Sun. 3rd Sept. at 08:00 pm (Middle European Time)
Part 2: Sun 10th Sept. also at 08:00 pm

If you´re interested you can listen to it via webradio using following link:

http://www.swr.de/swr1/rp/index.html - click on Web-Radio einschalten

Also Roger announced a tour through Germany next April/May, but he did not say if solo or with a band. So let´s see what will happen.



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