2006 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Faroe island 5th Aug

2006 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Faroe island 5th Aug



I've been in frequent contact with Shakti over the past couple of days as updates are made to the website in preparation for the DVD release and the Canadian Idol appearance. In the course of this, an interesting story has been going on that I wanted to share with you.

Roger and Linda left Toronto Thursday evening to head for the Faroe Islands, flying first to Frankfurt, then Copenhagen, and finally to Faroe, where they were supposed to arrive sometime yesterday (Friday) for a Saturday-evening show.

Well, after much circling of the Faroe airport, they were prevented from landing due to fog and had to turn back for Norway, where they spent the night (morning, really). They weren't able to try again until today.

Try again they did ... and STILL couldn't land in Faroe! Instead they went all the way to Iceland. Shakti told me, "They played Give a Little Bit in a private room in Reykjavik airport and it was broadcast over the PA at the festival in Faroe." Still no word on whether Roger would be able to make it in time.

(BTW he must play the Faroe festival Saturday night or not at all, since Sunday he has to fly back to Toronto for the Canadian Idol show on Monday.)

Then, just a little while ago, I learned they touched down and all is a go: "Just talked to Linda - it's 2:45 am there - they are setting up for a show - thousands of fans have waited for Roger and he will not disappoint them - will go on stage towards 4 am!"

Shakti goes on, "And there are still thousands waiting. The festival organizer told me the people loved it when he played Roger singing Give a Little Bit to them from the Reykjavik airport over the festival PA - and they went wild when it was announced that the plane finally landed and Roger would be coming to the festival."

And apparently Roger's flight out of there departs at 11 am local time, so I don't think he'll be getting much sleep. :)

Anyway, I thought this was a fun story you'd enjoy hearing!


Just a follow-up. Roger did indeed hit the stage at about 4 in the morning, and nearly all of those who'd come to see him at the scheduled time waited around till then. He and the crew were picked up by helicopter the moment they got off the plane, then whisked directly to the festival. Here's the reaction of the Faroese agent:

"I tell you it could not get better when he arrived. He came on stage and all people got crazy. He was every minute worth waiting for. And the best of all even if he had a long trip for about 36 hours he gave us a concert we always will rembember. He talked a lot out to the audience and played all our favorit songs. People would not let him end the concert they just wanted more and could not get enough of him. Every one said that this was absolutely the best of all under the festival."

Wish I'd been there!



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