2010 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Wellington, April 13

2010 TOURS, Roger Hodgson, Wellington, April 13


Wellington Town Hall

An excellent concert - well attended (maybe 70% capacity) in a reasonably intimate and nice-sounding venue (Wellington Town Hall).

Sound was excellent, and not excruciatingly loud despite being only 3 rows back from the front-side fill speakers. One factor I hadn't expected was a degree of bass percussion that had been programmed into the keyboard patches. I wondered at first if it was inadvertent mic-stand thumping, but became apparent it was not, and deliberate ! The sound engineer has also found a way to get massive bass from the Guild, without everything sounding muddy and mirky. Maybe there is an octave divider being blended in there somewhere ?

Usual set-list ( I was too busy enjoying the music to note exactly). Crowd warmed up nicely, being prety much all standing and bopping by the last 3 or so songs.

Aaron's (and of course Roger's) performances were superb. He (A) really is such a versatile asset ! I still don't know for sure if the 'signature' sax licks and solos were originaly scored by Roger or John, but if John I think some acknowledgement woud not go amiss, given the song-ownership thang...

Thanks to Linda R ( and MAC who put her onto me), who sought me out by email and kindly offered backstage passes for after the show ! Got to meet Roger , have a wee chat about things musical and technical, and a photo (will post). A marvellous experience. Joan (Armatrading) also does this to her "Insiders", though circumstances have been that I have not been able to follow up on that one so far.

The only thing that detracted from the concert - well, not 'detracted' as such because the concert was epic anyway, but I felt would love to see/hear sometime, was a band. Aaron does epic stuff covering the as much as of the non-core but still important components of the music plus solos, as does Roger effectively playing both keyboard and bass parts to many songs, but I miss the drumming (maybe specifically Bob's dramatic style drumming) that I found myself having to fill in mentally, or physically on my (and my partner's) thighs ;-).

I would love to hear Roger with a full band again, and it could be either Supertramp, or a completely separate band a la 'The Other Roger' (Waters).
But full arrangements would be super. Not that this format wasn't super either !

Geoff Wood


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